Caldea Spa In Andorra The Best Spa You Want


Caldea is situated at Andorra city between Spain and France. Andorra could easily be found in the heart of Pyrenees and has a well-known reputation in the world due to its fresh mountain air and Spa treatments. Caldea was constructed at a height of 1,100m that is about 3,600 ft highest and it covers an area of about 25,000 sq m that is of 269,100 sq ft in Andorra. In southern Europe Caldea is the huge Spa center that provides treatments and facilities within the center like Spas, high pressure indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, saunas, hammam, cabins for UVA, massages, and also entire setup of body treatments and facial.

If this is not enough then you will be benefited from water bar and at the time of night underwater music and light show are also there. Caldea also has its own cafes, bars, and gastronomic restaurant. One would not have to think about the opening dates of Caldea as this is the site which is very popular especially during summer to chill off and also from the ski slopes during winter. Even Caldea remains open for 365 days in a year. Not only Caldea but one more thing is famous around and that is shopping. You can make your own collection of wardrobes from the popular street where people come for shopping.

To reach at such a pleasant and fantastic place you can choose various modes of traveling like if you want to go by Air then you have to reach at Barcelona International Airport in Spain or Toulouse-Blagnac Airport and also one more airport in France called Perpignan. These are few of the airports that will lead you soon to the destination.

If you are planning to go by rail then you must know one thing that you would not get any direct rail services as the function of rail is not there in Andorra. But you will get regular services from Spain and France to Andorra and from there you will have to catch the public services that will lead you to Caldea directly.

AS the Caldea site is important the same way hotels over there is also important and satisfied enough. Few of the hotels that are close to the Caldea are Hotel Batllevell which is a family run hotel having 22 rooms and situated at a distance of 5 minutes by walking. Price of the room will be from 31, 55 E to 36, 06 E. Shopping can also be done as it is close to your way.

Hotel Paris-Londres is situated at a distance of 10 minute by walk from Caldea and charges ranging between 41, 90 E to 49,70 E.

Hotel Valira could be found at a 5 minute walking distance from Caldea with cost ranging from 34,70 E to 71,00 E.

Hotel Delfos is also situated at a 5 minute walking distance from Caldea. Its Prices will be from 50, 00 E to 68, 00 E.

Le Metroplis hotel is located in a fortunate region at a distance of 100 metres from Caldea with the cost charging from 29, 00 E to 68, 00 E.

Many hotels will be found nearby with luxurious facilities and all you need to make yourself comfortable.

Caldea always remains packed with people who come for various treatments. For three hours you can enjoy your day in Caldea where you have to pay 30 Euros. Services that comprised within the admission fee are the baths, Fitness area, and relaxation. New activities will be provided for free it the area is not crowded.

Apart from this if you are searching for the best time to go Caldea for the main Spa then here is a tip for you to avoid bank holidays, weekends, school holidays and also during winter after 15:00 especially if you are doing any reservations.

And for the club you can access to the main Spa but if you are in Spa then you are not permitted to go for the club area. The time period of club is of five hours including the treatments. Here you don’t have to search for the proper timing. It remains open every time. The maximum amount will be charged till 500. For the club you have to do reservation compulsorily. Whatsoever, if you want to get benefit then there is an advice for you to book in advance.

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