Butrint – A City of Old


Butrint was an ancient city known as Buthrotum. The city was a famous port and trading center right from the Hellenistic times, and remained one right till the times of the Ottoman. The city has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Butrint city is placed in the south west part of Albania.

Butrint is situated in a picturesque area on the Straits of Corfu. A beautiful lagoon surrounds the heritage site. It is one of the most notable historical and archeological sites, not only in Albania, but in the Adriatic Sea region.

Butrint is an extremely significant historical site. The region was dug by archeologists for close to twelve years before the entire city was excavated. The government invested a good bit of money in the site. Site managers were contacted. There is a museum at the site. Both the museum and the site make for an extremely rewarding visit.

As one walks through the ruins of the city, it is not easy to imagine all the various ways the city changed its form through the years, as well as the differing situations and plights faced by the residents all through the years.

To get to Butrint, one can make the crossing from Corfu in a hydrofoil or ferry trip. These take you to Saranda, the Albanian port. From here on, its just a twenty kilo meters ride to the south, which can be traveled by car, or a bus.

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