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Come to the land of boulevards, vineyards, beautiful constructions and charming edifices. Come to the land of Bucharest and enjoy the Belle Epoque buildings here and get charged in an atmosphere of Romania’s largest city Bucharest which is also the capital and a greatly busy metropolis.


Legend has it that Bucharest was discovered on the banks of the river Dambovita by Bucur who was a shepherd. Bucur means joy. It is believed that he used to play the flute and enthralled many people . Also the nearby vineyards gave good wine and he used to sell it to the local traders who the name Bucur to the region which later became Bucharest.

Dambovita river

While here there are a good many places to see. The House of the Free Press is very popular here and just enjoy the enchanting edifice and structure here which is at the entrance to the city. It is known as the Casa Scanteii is a concept by the great architect Horia Maicu who got this completed in the year 1956 and today it has the best printing presses and newsrooms and the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Then there is the Arch of Triumph or the Arcul de Triumf which was initially built of wood in the year 1922 and was constructed to honour the courage of all the soldiers of Romania who fought during the First World War Then the Arc de Triomphe was completed in the year 1936. Made of Deva Granite, this is a masterpiece of the Petre Anotnescu and stands tall at 85 feet. There is a staircase in the inside which permits visitors to climb up on top and have a fantastic view of the whole city. There are many sculptures that decorate the entire structure and these creations of top Romanian artists like Constantin Medrea, Jalea, are there for all to see.

Arcul de Triumf

Tthe Victory Avenue or the Calea Vicotoriei which is surely the oldest Bucharest Street. Very charming and existing since the year 1692 this became a connection between the Mogosoaia Palace and the Old Princely Court. This had paved oak beams and the street soon came to be known as the Calea Victoriei in the year 1878. Today it is a very modern and fashionable tourist attraction in Bucharest. There are many buildings here like the Cantacuzino Palace, the Military Club, the Historical Revolution Square and the CEC Headquarters.

Cantacuzino Palace is one of the best tourist attractions of Bucharest. Constructed between the years 1898 and 1900 this French styled architectural feat along with the best balconies made of wrought iron and beautiful tall arched windows, looks resplendent with the two lions that are shown at the doorway. The George Enescu Museum is located here in the palace now.

Cantacuzino Palace

Visit the Revolution Square and see how this has gained great popularity after TV stations around the world broadcast how Nicolae Ceausescu came into power in 1989. It was here that he stared in absolute disbelief as everyone in the square charged at him. The former Royal Palace stands here at the other side of the square. It is today the National Art Museum and has the magnificent Romanian Athenaeum and the Kretzulescu Church, along with the Athenee Palace Hotel.

The Royal Palace existing since 1937 built in neo classical style is the place where King Carol II and his son King Mihal I . Today this place is a great monument which also homes the Romanian National Art Museum.

Romanian National Art Museum

Take this holiday and add amazing memories to the chronology of your vacation.

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