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Just in case you happen to be making plans for a holiday in Brixham, the charming town on the English Rivera, make sure you rent one of the holiday cottages here. Brixham is an exceedingly rewarding beach destination, with some excellent beaches. There are close to twenty beaches in total in the town, and the coves here are excellent to explore.

The beaches here are a varied lot, and you will certainly find enough beaches to suit your taste, whatever mood you may be in the present. If you are in the mood for fun, and activities and entertainment, you can head to the numerous exciting beaches here.

In case you plan to have some peace and quiet for a change, there are ample options for seclusion as well. There are a good number of beaches that have a quiet atmosphere, where you can gain some downtime from the hurly burly of the more crowded city beaches.

Elberry Cove and Broadsands

From your cottage in Brixham, you can take a bus to Elberry Cove and Broadsands beaches. You can take Bus no 118. Eberry Cove has a decent list of amenities, as well as a parking space about 0.5 kilo meter from the beach. Broadsands has a lot more facilities than Edberry.

Edberry Cove is a shingle beach that is famous for water sports and many people come here mainly for water skiing and other sports. It is also possible to explore Lord Churtson;s Bathhouse in the vicinity.

Broadsands is sloping,  and is quite safe for swimming, which is why it is a hot favorite with families.

Shoalstone Beach

Bus no 17 will take you to Shoalstone Beach. The beach is popular with fans of swimming al fresco. Pets are not allowed here. There are a good number of facilities.

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