Beaches of Istanbul


Come to the city of Istanbul, the land of charming tales and enjoy the pleasures of the beaches here. Find the surroundings of this lovely land of travel pleasures a great travel kitty and take back with you the right blend of scenic splendour and travel memories. So Turkey bound tourists should come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in the best beach locales in this part of the world.

Kucuksu Beach

Located in the Uskudar, this is a beach that was re-opened some time back again for the tourists. So all beach enthusiasts love to come to this small sandy paradise in the north eastern region of the Bosphorus. Today this pubic beach is a great place to be in and the tricky currents sometimes catch the tourists unawares and it is an amazing experience to be here in the land of the loveliest travel pleasures. The dolphins here are also an added attraction and they give the best pleasures for any tourist coming to this part of the world. These creeks of the Kucuksu and the Goksu are located in the loveliest zones and are thus called the “Fresh water of Asia”. They were earlier gardens of the Sultan and had the name “Oil Lamp Garden” in the 18th century. These regions show the lifestyles and the habits of the past historical buildings and the most fascinating natural beauties. So the Kucuksu beach is surely a great destination to be in and an ideal travel paradise.

Sile beach

Also you have the Sile Beach which is around 70 kilometers from Istanbul. With the best spread of beach sands, and a beautiful ruin of the Genoese castle this is a great attraction of all visitors coming to this part of Istanbul. There are buses which leave on a regular basis from the harem bus station and take the tourists across and give the best sights of the place.

A great holiday destination, this is a place that has the best restaurants for fish so all those gourmands gear up and rush to be in this land of pleasures, cuisine and mouth watering delights. The highway road that takes one to Sile Beach is not really very convenient and is quite crowded during weekends. Yet this place is very popular and many tourists come here just to enjoy the picnic zones and bask in the pleasures of the beach activities. Come to Kumbaba or the Sand Father and enjoy this camping zone which is a great beach region too and gives you a chance to take back ideal beach memories. There are changing cabins too here which give you the opportunity to just go wild and get dirty in the beach sands and waters and then relax after changing with the best of cuisine to give you company.

Uzunya Beach

Then you have the Uzunya beach which is a greatly romantic place and has a small bay that is very attractive. You would find people coming here and enjoying the pleasures of the most romantic beach locales and also the most adventurous with this kind of travel thrills that the place gives you. The fresh air and the beauty of the sea waters caressing your experiences, this is one beach which would surely give you a reason to get naughty and childish and is a great biking zone for all those biking enthusiasts.

There are other beaches too which are in and around this place in Istanbul and these give the ideal travel luxury. Come to this land of ecstatic memories and feel comfortable in this lovely land in Europe.

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