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So you are all set to backpack to Europe. But wouldn’t you want to know a little more aboutbackpacking trips to Europe so that you can travel comfortably?

First remember that the number of days of your travel is important. If you are going on a ten day trip to Europe then make sure that you go to London Paris Rome and then see places like Oxford, Florence, Naples, Pisa and Cambridge.

Now you would wonder how to call home if you are in a foreign country. Simple. Just buy a phone card and call and just give your number. They can call you back. This will be less costly and you could be in touch yet not make it pinch your pocket.

If you are going for a good couple of months then make sure that you have canisters to hold the rolls of film in case you are having a roll camera.

The camera you use should be fine with you. You should be familiarized with the camera. It is better to use a small, high quality camera that will shoot 35mm and if it has a zoom then good enough you could use this type of camera. Cell phone camera and digital camera are very common in the UK.

For a three week travel take a travel pack that would become a suitcase with the help of a zipper and is otherwise a good backpack for you. Travel light and take very few clothes. Learn to travel light while on one of those backpacking trips to Europe.

While buying a backpack don’t buy one that is ideal for climbing a mountain. Just get a good travel backpack easy to use and convenient to carry.

Using the public transit system might be difficult for you. Sometimes you might be in that part of Europe where you don’t know the language. Under such circumstances try having with you a person who knows the language or plainly use the sign language or find a person who can speak English. Invariable a store would have a person speaking English. It is difficult but keep this in mind. Also you can depend on the symbols. It is not like you are the only one there. There are millions travelling across the world and not knowing the language. In a couple of days you would be fine.

Be sure you are aware about the darker areas of Europe. Every place has a good area and a bad area. Make sure you are conversant with this. Better to visit the tourist office in that particular area and get to know the details for the place. In case you get robbed it is your mistake as you really should steer clear of such areas.

If you are a woman and travelling there are certain precautions that you should take. Ensure you have your medications, and required stuff that you normally use to take on a journey.

If you are travelling to Europe then learn about these backpacking trips for Europe which will help you.

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