Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp


The Auschwitz awareness camp building was the biggest of its type reputable by the Nazi government. It consists of three major camps. All of the camps were set up as to imprison the prisoners at compelled labor. One out of the three camps also worked for a comprehensive years as a killing hub. The camps were situated in the region of 37 miles towards the west of the Krakow, close to the pre-war German-Polish boundary in the region of Upper Silesia, vicinity that the Nazi Germany acquired in the year 1939 after attacking and later winning the region of Poland. The SS establishment which recognized the three major camps very close to the Polish metropolitan of the Oswiecim: Auschwitz I in the month of May of the year 1940; Auschwitz II (also acknowledged as the Auschwitz-Birkenau) in the early year 1942; and Auschwitz III (also acknowledged as Auschwitz-Monowitz) in October of the year 1942.

The Auschwitz meditation camp building was a subsidiary to the Inspectorate of the meditation Camps. In anticipation of March month of the year 1942, the Inspectorate of the meditation Camps was a bureau of the SS chief Office, and, from the year 1941, of the SS Operations chief Office. From March of the year 1942 in anticipation of the freedom of Auschwitz, the Inspectorate was subsidiary to the SS Economic-Administrative chief Office.

In November in the year 1943, the SS made an announcement that Auschwitz-Birkenau as well as Auschwitz-Monowitz would turn out to be self-regulating meditation camps. The commandant of Auschwitz I had stayed behind as the commander of the SS garrison’s all SS units allocated to the Auschwitz and was supposed to be the higher-ranking officer of the 3 commanding officers. SS offices for sustaining the records of the prisoner as well as supervising the prisoner labor employment sustained to be situated as well as centrally scurried from Auschwitz I. In November of the year 1944, Auschwitz II was united again with the Auschwitz I. Auschwitz III’s named was later changed to “Monowitz concentration camp”.

Commandants of the Auschwitz concentration camp building were: SS Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf Hoess for a span of 42 months starting from the month of May of the year 1940 up to the month of November of the year 1943; SS Lieutenant Colonel, Arthur Liebehenschel for a span of 44 months starting from the month of from November 1943 until mid-May 1944; and SS Major Richard Baer from mid-May of the year 1944 up to the month of January 27, of the year 1945. Commandants of Auschwitz-Birkenau at the same time as it was self-regulating (November 1943 up to November 1944) were SS Lieutenant Colonel Friedrich Hartjenstein for a span of 7 months starting from the month of November of the year 1943 up to mid-May of the year 1944 and SS Captain Josef Kremer for a span of 7 months starting from the month of mid-May up to the month of November of the year 1944. Commander of Monowitz concentration camp from the month of November, 1943 up to the month of January, 1945 was SS Captain Heinrich Schwarz.

The emancipation of Auschwitz

In the mid-January of the year 1945, as Soviet powers came forward to the Auschwitz concentration camp buildings; the SS started the evacuation of Auschwitz as well as its various subcamps. SS units made it mandatory for almost 60,000 prisoners to stride in the west direction from the camp of Auschwitz. Thousands of prisoners had been murdered in the camps in the days previous to these death demonstration started. Tens of the thousands of the prisoners, frequently were the Jews, also they were been enforced to walk either in the northwest direction for 55 km to reach Gliwice, adhered by the prisoners who came from the subcamps located in the region of East Upper Silesia, to name few Bismarckhuette as well as Althammer, and also the Hindenburg, or suitable west direction for a distance of 63 km to reach Wodzislaw in the western region of Upper Silesia, where the inmates joined who came from the various subcamps to the south of Auschwitz, to name Jawischowitz as well as Tschechowitz, and also Golleschau.

SS guards are asked to kill each and everyone who fell at the back or who could not carry on walking. Prisoners also had undergone from the cold weather as well as starvation, and also exposure on these demonstrations. At least 3,000 prisoners breathe their last on the way to Gliwice only; perhaps around 15,000 prisoners breathe their last at some stage in the mass departure marches from the camps at the Auschwitz and also the numerous subcamps.

Upon appearance in the regions of Gliwice as well as Wodzislaw, the prisoners were loaded on the unheated cargo trains and were transported to concentration camps located in Germany, predominantly to the regions of Flossenbürg as well as the Sachsenhausen also the GrossRosen, as well as the Buchenwald, also the Dachau, and also to the camps in Mauthausenin Austria. The rail expedition continued for many days. With no food, nor water, and also no shelter, or the blankets, a huge number of prisoners did not stay alive during the transportation.

In late January of the year 1945, SS as well as the police officials enforced 4,000 prisoners to vacate Blechhammer, which was a subcamp in the region of Auschwitz-Monowitz, completely walking. The SS killed around 800 prisoners during the stroll to the “Gross-Rosen concentration camp”. SS officers also murdered around 200 prisoners who were left at the back in Blechhammer as a consequence of sickness or winning efforts to conceal. Subsequent to a short holdup, the SS conveyed as many as 3,000 Blechhammer prisoners from the sub-camp of Gross-Rosen to the camp at Buchenwald in Germany.

On January 27, of the year 1945, the Soviet armed forces got into Auschwitz as well as Birkenau, and also Monowitz and free as many as 7,000 prisoners, the majority of whom were in poor health and on their last legs. It is predictable that the SS as well as police expatriated minimum 1.3 million inhabitants to Auschwitz building between the year 1940 and 1945. Out of these the authorities of the camp killed almost 1.1 million.

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