Ankara, Turkey – A Historic City


Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is perhaps a bit under the shadow of Istanbul in terms of traveler popularity, but there is no dearth of sights and attractions. The sheer number of attractions in the city makes for an exceedingly rewarding destination.

The ancient architecture and cultures here that stand in testimony to the historical significance of the city are one of the best sights here. The city has a history that dates back almost five thousand years.

The citadel is an excellent part to start your explorations of the city. There are a huge number of things to see here. This is the oldest portion of the city and dates back to the time of the Romans. The age old architecture of the city is the most notable sight here, as is the traditional Turkish housing. There are a huge number of restaurants in the vicinity that serve local cuisines.

The Temple of Augustus and Rome is yet another attraction that is suited for enthusiasts of ancient history. The emperor Augustus, just before his death, wrote an autobiography, a major part of it listing his romanticized achievements. The in situ copy of his autobiography is inscribed in the temple.

The column of Julian, the theater and the Roman baths here are other attractions worthy of note. The historically significant mosques of the city are also rewarding for visitors. The largest and most recent is the Kocatepe Mosque, which is constructed in Ottoman style, and is exceedingly beautiful.

The Museum of the Anatolian Civilizations is yet another attraction. The museum houses a huge number of civilizations spanning thousands of years.

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