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Andorra La Vella has one of the most remarkable visitor drawing capacities among destinations all over the world. Even though the nearest air port is close to three hours from Andorra, there are millions of travelers that come here annually. The heavenly mountains are perfect winter getaways for skiing enthusiasts and winter sports buffs, but are every bit as rewarding in the summer time.

There are many rewarding attractions in the town as well, from the splendid churches such as Church of Saint Andreu and Esglesia de Sant Esteve and others. Many date back to the medieval era. To top it all, there are many Andorra La Vella hotels that offer excellent accommodation for reasonable prices.

Top Andorra La Vella Hotels . . .

Hotel Delfos

Hotel Delfos is located at the center of Andorra la Vella. A famous hotel rated four stars, Delfos has a good number of excellent facilities and services on offer, such as mini bar, en suite, desk, satellite tv and others. There are four restaurants as well.

Hotel Magic

Hotel Magic is a stately hotel that was launched in two thousand three. The hotel location is convenient for both tourists and business travelers. There are a huge number of excellent dining options located close to the hotel, within five minutes. There are a good number of facilities and amenities. There are also ample opportunities for shopping here.

Hotel Himalaya, Soldeu

Soldue is one of the most famous ski resorts in Andorra La Vella. The Hotel Himalaya is a popular location with skiers, and has a great list of facilities, skiing opportunities as well as an excellent spa. The staff offers some impeccable service. The views from the room windows are another reason why you should go for this hotel. Hotel Himalaya is one of the top most Andorra La Vella Hotels.

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