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There is something very special about Europe, so the cities in this part of the world certainly are a great package deal for all and a lovely way of ensuring that the tourist gets the best of travel pleasures. So in this charming land of beautiful architecture and lovely sights, get surrounded by the best kind of summer getaways and winter resorts.

The fact that Europe is a land of pleasures makes it all the more important that you also visit Andorra which is a land of total pleasures. Come here and get enchanted by the beautiful surroundings. So while you are in those lovely Europe tours, enjoy Andorra travels. Reaching here is mainly by road and this is accessed from France and Spain.

The Calea Spa Complex is the largest complex in Europe and this is a great attraction in the Andorra region. This is almost akin to a futuristic cathedral and is a great place for relaxation and rejuvenation. So come here and experience the pleasures of the hot springs, and also the lovely sights of this beautiful lagoon here which is a really experience. There are many pools here with Turkish bath facilities and also relaxing saunas and refreshing spas and then of course there are those facilities for hydro massage which make the entire tour very memorable.

With more than 2000 shops Andorra is a place where you can enjoy the best kind of duty free shops in this part of the Avinguda del Princep Benlloch. Then there is the facility of getting the right kind of travel experience by making sure you have the ideal shopping pleasures.

Then enjoy the region where there are lot of travel books and where you get the best of French, Spanish and Catalan books. So enjoy the pleasures of walking and also get to know the reason why tourists love this land of beautiful delights.

Andorra is certainly a great place to be in and a lovely locale to experience. With European tours providing greatly fascinating experiences a tour here is the best way you can endorse your travel memories.

Andorra La Vella is a place which is very interesting and special for all those who come here. Come to the main city of Andorra and it is a very attractive experience for all those who love shopping, and for all those who want to enjoy the countryside surroundings.

Andorra has many churches built on the Romanesque style and they are normally the most featured in the country’s beautiful travel delights. The country should never be left unexplored and should always be tested with the most mesmerising sights of the beautiful land.

Then go to El Serrat in Soldeau and enjoy the lovely examples of beautiful villages which form the countryside pleasures. There are many memorable scenes and lovely churches dating back to history and here is where you have the ideal sites for making the best travel kitty here.

So this rural lovely region which is found between France and Spain has limited cultural attractions but they are very pleasurable. This is the ideal place for shopping and also is the place where you can spend a lot of rejuvenating experiences.

Visit the Escalades Engordany experience and feel this lovely parish of Andorra come to life. Situated in the middle of the country this is in between the Encamp in the north and the La Massana. With Spain in the eastern side and the southwest bordering Andorra La Vella this is a beautiful place to be in.

Then see Canillo which is the northernmost parish in Andorra and looks beautiful at a height of around 1.53metres. This small lovely locale is actually divided into two portions as there is river passing it.

With all this in tow, Andorra is a lovely place to visit in this part of Europe.

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