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Mozart is actually one of the well-known musicians in the Austria’s city named Salzburg. Joannes Christosomos Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart during January 27, 1756. He was born in Getreidegasse 9 which is in Salzburg. This place now is known as the Mozarts Geburtshaus which means Mozart’s Birthplace.

Mozarts Geburtshaus is the place where Mozart family resided in the year 1747 for about twenty six years. Later this family was shifted in the year 1773 to a house in Makartplatz. This place today is known as the Mozart Wohnhaus which means Mozart’s Residence. In this residence the Mozart family lived to their last breath in the year 1787. Now, these two houses one is the Mozarts Geburtshaus and another is the Mozart Wohnhaus has been popularly known as a museum.

The majority of Residences where Mozart’s lived was damaged due to a bomb that exploded in the year 1944 but it was re-established to its actual wonder and the building was again constructed by the Mozarteum Foundation on June 15, 1880. Analytically expanding it the building draws attention of more than thousand visitors from each and every corner of the world to the place like Salzburg where Mozart’s museum is situated.

Salzburg covers an area of 424m and can be seen from the west direction facing the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This place is in the Getreidegasse Street and in the surroundings the Fortress Hohensalzburg, the tower of Franziskaner Church and the Kollegien Church could be seen.

In Austria, The Mozart town Salzburg is a very old tunnel which is known as Sigmunds Gate. Along with that Central Europe’s major uphold fortress is the fortress Hohensalzburg and also an oldest water tunnel in the central Europe that you can see is the alpine canal, a construction made of middle ages, universal cable railway which is again very old, globally excellent managed Renaissance watergames and the Hellbrunn Alley located in Hellbrunn.

You can go there and see the sites where world’s most memorable composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived their life. This composer spent his most determined years in Domgasse % from 1784 to 1787. This is the only place that is surviving even today where Mozart’s earlier resided.

Their home that has converted to an informative museum give its vistors huge amount of details that how was the life of Mozart’s during that time and how life was for the immense composers in a place like Vienna. Along with that you can also get to know the music of such a great composer. This museum also displays information regarding the day-to-day phases of his life like his association with the Freemasons and also his fervor for something called as games. This huge exhibition remains open every single day in a year. So you can go any time you feel to know the life of such a great composer and his music.

To reach at such a historic museum all you can catch a train to Salzburg Central Station or can take a U3 to Stephansplatz. Apart from this you can go by air all the way to Salzburg Airport. By reaching there you can stay and get rest in various luxury hotels like Goldener Hirsch which is situated at 0.09 Kilometres from Mozarts Geburtshaus und Mozarts Wohnhaus.

Stein hotel is situated at a distance of 0.14 Kilometres from the destination. Many hotels you will find at a nearby area from Mozarts Geburtshaus und Mozarts Wohnhaus like Sacher Salzburg, Gablerbrau Central hotel, Altstadt hotel Weisse Taube, Austria Trend Salzburg West, Bristol Hotel and Austrotel Salzburg.

Various entrance fees will be charged for various sites like in Mozart’s birthplace Adults will be charged up to € 7.00, and Children, school groups of 6 to 14 years of age will have to pay € 2.50. Along with that, Youths, school groups from 15 to 18 age groups will be charged € 3.00.

Opening hours of this museum is 9 am-5.30 pm daily and in the month of July, August the timing will be 9 am-8 pm daily. With this all the tourists who love to explore the history can reach at the famous tourist attraction place in Salzburg and you can involve yourself into the history of Mozart’s with their music’s that will no doubt make you feel crazy.

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