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Visit Denmark which is a destination that is filled with a desirable travel delight. Come here and experience the pleasures of this lovely destination in the western part of the lovely European continent. Denmark offers the tourists much more than they expect and it is a respite from the everyday humdrum of life.

The Danes are very warm people and have a great hospitable nature. This country introduces you to their culture and also their very tasty food. Come here and see the very many places and go back with a great travel memory.

Visit Copenhagen here and enjoy this beautiful city filled with a great history, interesting museums and the loveliest designs. This is the place where you find the great statue of the Little Mermaid. The statue came back from China and the World Expo sometime in late November. Then you have the Amalienbord Palace here which is another lovely place to visit in this part of the world. This is the Royal family’s residence during winter. Copenhagen is home to many galleries and museums which have been a part of tours here. Then go and bask in the serene ambience of the Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen is certainly a place not to be missed in Denmark Travels and is said to be a very lively city in Europe.

Visit the national gallery in Copenhagen and see the amazing collection of the European Art here. The Danish culture comes alive here and as you see the Viking Ship Museum and the Kronborg Castle you are sure to add a lot to your travel kitty. Then you have the Castle from the time of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It underwent renovation very recently in the year 2010. Then go to Stroget which is a shopping area for all the pedestrians. Enjoy the restaurants, stores, and experience the antics of the street performers here. It is very interesting to see the antics of these performers as they fill your travels with the best tour luxury.

Visit the Rosenberg Castle which is a lovely and magnificent building belonging to this fascinating locale. The temporary exhibitions here are open to all and the museum is undergoing some renovations since 2008.

Then visit Funen and experience the beauty of this region which is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen the great write. Odense is said to be the place where he was born. Its residents in fact have built a cottage industry entirely on his story telling. It is a must see in Denmark so visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and go back with a great travel memory.

The city is also an industrial hub and has many museums and many more art galleries and wide areas for shopping.

Then of course you have Jutland which is another great place to visit. So have the best relaxed surroundings and enjoy this stylish vacation which is filled with ideal travel luxuries. This is a nice place to be in if you want to enjoy the history and the culture of this place truly. The most vibrant city of Jutland is Arhus and this is indeed a city with a lot of travel delights. It is very popular for the vibrant nightlife and is famous as a college town. Arhus is the place to be in if you want to have countryside experiences. Arhus is also the place where you get to see the Student Quarter or the Latin Quarter. This is found just behind the cathedral here and has the perfect ambience for a traveller to enjoy himself. With the shops and the cobbled lanes making the place look more interesting, the tours here certainly leave a tourist with a greater treasure chest of Denmark travels.

Arhus is also popular for the Aarhus Kunst Museum which was opened in the year 2004. With the best kind of art museum here, one can see the lovely collection of Denmark here. The museum has many features of Denmark art here and also some works by the modern masters.

Arhus also has the Den Gamle which is the Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. The park here totally has recreated the Danish market town during the time of Hans Christian Andersen and has around 75 historical houses with 27 of them decorated with living rooms.

Denmark thus has many places of interest and provides the tourist with a fascinating tour.

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