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Albania today is one of the world’s most fascinating regions and a great destination for all who visit the European continent. Totally pure with pristine surroundings and virgin landscapes, Albania provides the tourists with a great blend of culture and civilization and makes this continent very unique.

Tirana, the capital of Albania is the perfect place to be used as a place for exploring the entire region. This is a small city and most of the places here are within a certain perimeter area of walking. The Skanderberg square here is the middle part of Tirana and is a lovely place to hang out with.

Berat lies on the banks of the River Osum. This is a little away from the place where the River Osum joins the River Molisht. This is a lovely town of the Ottoman culture and has a wealth of lovely buildings with the greatest historical value and architectural elegance.

The island of Sazan is a military zone and is not accessible to the tourists.

Visit Girojokastra which is another beautiful region in the land of the southern part of Albania. Filled with the best panoramic views this is on the mountainous regions with a majestic citadel which provides great tour delights. There is a fortress that is perched high on the Drino valley and is at a height here.

Durres is another lovely Albanian locale to visit and is the most ancient and also an important Albanian city. Located in the central Albanian coast this is another portion of the European continent which provides great tour pleasures. There are road trips which take you to Durres and the entire adventure here is very exciting.

Then there is the Qafe Thana which is found on the lake sides. There are many restaurants here and also small hotels that are seen along the newly constructed houses. The lake here is very beautiful and the Ohrid town here in the region of Macedonia is found on the other side.

The region of Elbasan is very different and here as you approach the Ohrid Lake this is a very exciting region to be in. A climb up the mountain is very dramatic and magnificent land filled with great thrills. The views from the lake are very awe inspiring and also mesmerizing. There are many features here which are worth a visit. There is a 15th century fortress here which has a museum with antiques.

There is a town called Pogradec which is a lovely region with the best kind of surroundings. The ambience here coupled with the lovely travel sights make it a perfect locale for all to enjoy and a region for each person to experience.

Come to Albania and bask in the pleasures of this lovely land of tour experiences and get enchanted with the historical ambience here which lend a great visual delight for all who come to this part of the world. This is one area filled with great pleasures, travel delights and ideal tour sights. It is an enchantment to be in this country so come here and enjoy your travels in Europe.

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