A Stress Free Guide to European Holidays by Car


If you have never driven in a foreign country before, the thought of taking to the roads for the first time can be a bit daunting. Here are a few top tips to take the stress out of European holidays by car.

Be Prepared

If you want to get the most out of your holiday, a car can help you to get from A to B quicker and can allow you to experience more of the country than if you explored on foot. However, if you plan to drive abroad, it is essential that you are prepared. Before you depart, you should do your research online to find out the exact documents that you will need to hire a car and ensure that you not only have these with you but that they have not expired. Whilst driving abroad, you may be asked to produce these documents at anytime so it is wise to store them in a compartment that is easy to access at all times.

Car Hire Companies

If you don’t want to take your car abroad you can hire one once you arrive. It is wise to organise and pay for your car hire before you leave on your trip. You can find a reputable company online that can meet your specific requirements. It is essential to understand the cost breakdown involved as many companies can add on fees once you arrive to pick up the car. Many hire cars do not come with a full tank of petrol and some of them will charge you an insurance fee that covers any damage to the bodywork.

Breakdown Cover

This is something that every driver will need when driving abroad. If you already have breakdown cover on your vehicle and you intend to take your car, make sure that your policy covers driving abroad. If you don’t drive abroad often, you can get breakdown cover for a single trip simply by going online.

If you are planning to drive abroad, you can find great deals on breakdown cover online in minutes at Breakdown Direct.

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