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A Ferris wheel is also called by the name of an observation wheel or big wheel. This wheel is a nonbuilding formation that comprises of a standing wheel along with passenger gondolas that was attached to the edge.

The Giant Ferris Wheel is situated in Vienna’s giant wooded park and fairground popularly known as Prater. Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel is thus one of the well-known landmarks in Austria where people love to visit and enjoy.

The Ferris wheel was finished in the year 1897 and by the time few other Ferris Wheels made in the cities such as London, Paris and Blackpool. One thing that we must consider is that the Ferris wheel is the only one wheel remained of that era even today. Constructing such a giant wheel possesses a great purpose. It was made to commemorate one of the Emperor’s 50th jubilee and that Emperor is none other than Franz Joseph I.

After constructing such a wheel few strange events started taking place out of which mainly remarkable even happened with the local resident Marie Kindl who attempted suicide and was successful. She hanged herself in the year 1898 with the window of a car and the intention was drawing concentration of people towards her family’s economical dilemma.

Once the sun sets and dark starts taking its place, the giant wheel lights up and start acting as a giant clock. As a clock it flashes the accurate number of times on the hour for the city of Prater.

The name of Ferris wheel is given after George Washington Gale Ferris. Later the phrase Ferris wheel has broadly being used for all such rides and one of the most popular wheels is the Singapore Flyer which is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

George Washington Gale Ferris started making his future in the railroad industry. After that he chased his interest in bridge building. Ferris realized the rising requirements for structural steel and established G.W.G. Ferris & Co. in Pittsburgh. It is a firm that experienced and examined metals for railroads and bridge builders.

Apart from this, Ferris designed and built a wheel named as the Chicago Wheel. This wheel was built for the purpose of 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. This wheel was planned as a competitor to the 324-metre Eiffel Tower which is of about 1,060 ft and is the center of attraction of the 1889 Paris Exposition. This wheel was the major attraction that pulls attention of people at the Columbian Exposition that possesses an altitude of 80 metres that is of about 260 ft. Two steam engines were motorizing the wheel. The wheel has 36 cars that can accommodate 60 people each with 40 people seated and 20 people by standing. Overall the total capacity it gives is of 2,160.

The main thing is that the wheel takes 20 minutes to make just two rotations. The initial round makes six halts to permit commuters for the entry and exit whereas, the second makes non-stop revolution. For this people pay 50 cents. Once the show gets over the wheel was then shifted towards the northern direction next to an elite area. The wheel was used as a owner by St. Louis 1904 World’s Fair ultimately destroying it through dynamite on May 11, 1906 by controlled destruction.

Taken as a whole the wheels steel structure weight is of 430 tonnes and positions to an altitude of 34.20 metres. The width of the Ferris wheel is 60.96 metre and from the top of the wheel you can experience an outstanding view of Vienna. During night you can enjoy the modern lighting effects and search lights that generate a tremendous mood. Each hour the giant wheel represents a giant clock of light. These lighting effects were formed by the British light artist whose name is Patrick Woodroffe.

To experience a wonderful ride at this giant wheel once you should come at Vienna. You can get there by flight to Vienna International Airport. By train you can reach S-Bahn to Wien Nord that is in Praterstern from Wien Mitte. Underground facilities are also there and you need to get down at Praterstern. Apart from rail you have one more option of Tram. For this you will get Public services and if you are planning to go by road then take a bus to Wien Prater. If all this is not enough then take a Car that Signs for Vienna city centre and after that take Praterstrasse and you will reach to this place easily.

There are various timings for various months that make the Giant Ferris Wheel to remain open like in the month of January 01 to February 28 the timing are 10:00am – 8:00pm, in March 01 to April 30 it is 10:00am – 10:00pm, May 01 to September 30 the timing remains from 9:00am – 0:00am, during October 01 – 31:10:00am – 10:00pm, and from November 01 to December 31 it is 10:00am – 8:00pm.

To enter in such place you have to pay entrance fees where children will have to pay nearly EUR5.90 that will be available at the gate.

For the accommodations you will get the best of hotels nearby the Ferris wheel like hotel Cristall, hotel Adlon, Austria Classic Hotel Wien, hotel Urania, Wilhelmshof hotel and hotel Capri. Hotel Capri is situated in the middle of Vienna and provides a rapid link to the central transportation of the city. This hotel is situated at a walking distance of ten minute to the ferris wheel.

At the time of World War II, the giant Ferris wheel was nearly shattered but was rebuilt later. Today more than 750, 000 people come to visit the Ferris wheel. People who will make a journey to this giant Ferris wheel of Vienna in Austria will never ever forget its fantastic experience from which you can take a glance of the exotic locations of Vienna.

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